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Fabio Carito, born in Rio de Janeiro, in 1986, is a musician specialized in playing bass, crazy about rock and all of its subgenres. He started early in the music business and intends to go on until the last day of his life.

Today he shares his full time playing in heavy metal bands and with Warrel Dane (Nevermore/Sanctuary) , Instincted and as sideman with Ricardo Confessori (ex-Angra/Shaman). Due to his experience in national and international tours, he’s always trying to improve his knowledge and techniques in and off stage. He shows a peculiar identity not only in his lines of composition, but also in his tone, always studying the possibilities of effects and regulations.

Besides his activities as musician, he’s also very participative in Jams Sessions, compositions, interviews, workshops/workshows and recordings as a guest musician. He has already played next to great national and international musicians of the rock and heavy metal scenes, such as Helloween, Gamma Ray, Angra, Dr. Sin, The Agonist, Torture Squad, Chrome Division, Queensrÿche, Firewind, Tank, and so on.

Versão em Português

Fabio Carito, nascido no Rio de Janeiro em 1986, é um músico especializado em contrabaixo, apaixonado por Rock e todas as suas vertentes. Começou cedo na música e pretende continuar até o último dia de sua vida.

Hoje ele divide seu tempo tocando integralmente em bandas de Heavy Metal de São Paulo e com Warrel Dane (Nevermore/Sanctuary), Instincted e como sideman com Ricardo Confessori (ex-Angra/Shaman). Com experiência em turnês nacionais e internacionais. procura sempre aprimorar seus conhecimentos e técnicas dentro e fora dos palcos. Imprime uma identidade peculiar em suas linhas de composição e em seu timbre, estudando possibilidades de efeitos e regulagens.

É bastante participativo em Jams sessions, composições, entrevistas, Workshops, Workshows e gravações como músico convidado. Já atuou ao lado de bandas como Helloween, Gamma Ray, Angra, Dr.Sin, The Agonist, Torture Squad, Chrome Division, Queenrÿche, Firewind, Tank, Sepultura, entre outros.

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Warrel Dane


Ricardo Confessori

Clips, Live footage, Cover songs, Reviews and more


Records ( CDs, EPs, Guest Musician, Tributes)

The twin mills (2017)

The March (2017)

If (2017)

Aftermath (2017)

Never say never (2016)

Story of a child (2016)

Intensity (2016)

Queen of all lies (2014)

Modernation/Murdernation (2014)

Undone (2013)

...Is all that I am (2012)

Firefly Witch (2009)

Time (2008)


...Is all bass I am (2013)

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